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Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace

Hear from some of our Clients:

"Heather and staff are ultimate professionals, courteous, kind, knowledgeable, and very responsive. Obviously most people are seeing a lawyer for stressful or at least anxiety producing reasons, but this team is truly a pleasure to work with, and the rates are very reasonable and well defined. Highly recommend." Stephanie, June, 2021

"I highly recommend Kaemmer Law Firm. Heather and her staff make you feel so comfortable. She seemed to care as much about the outcome as I did, and that is rare! Thank you for everything!" -Britia, August 2020

"PROFESSIONALISM, EXCELLENCE, EFFICIENCY, ARTICULATE and COMPASSIONATE are all words to easily describe Heather and her staff. We could not be more grateful to all of them for walking and many times carrying us through the most difficult time in our lives. Heather has a quiet and calming spirit that offers confidence, reassurance and a peace one cannot describe. She and her team went above and beyond regularly in the two years we were with them. She is definitely affordable and does not price gouge She was always prepared and made sure we were prepared to know exactly what to expect . She presented truth and facts. My one question to her when we started was if she was aggressive enough to pounce if needed. Without hesitation she agreed and, she proved herself to be mighty. We could not be more grateful to Heather and her staff for all they did for us. She is definitely the lawyer to have on your side." -Mark, October, 2021

"Heather gives her all! The entire team are very professional, helpful and Heather will go out of her way to make sure you are prepared and feel comfortable before court.....She is honest and will not steer you in the wrong direction. Highly recommend Kaemmer Law Firm!" -Dawn, July 2020

"I have made some really poor investments throughout my life, Heather was NOT one of them! She stuck with me and believed in my son and his best interests. She stayed true to her word and I would hands down retain her again if need be. She is a beast in the court room, and she gets the job done. Thank you!" -Joy-Lyn, April, 2022

"I hired Heather in order to fight for and obtain custody of my 3 children following a 12 year marriage with my kids mother. As a father, the system is against you from the start. Every judge and everyone has already declared in their minds that the mother should have custody and you have to prove why this standard practice is not always in the best interest of the kids. In my case, after 4 DSS cases in under 2 years, each one placing the care and safety of the kids under my care and restricting the visitation of their mother, I thought I had a open and shut case to continue to have full custody of my kids. However, without Heather and her professional determination I honestly believe that my kids would have ended up with their mother. I can't thank her enough and have recommended her to several of my close friends." -Joseph, 2019

"I hired Heather to represent me in my child custody case. Being a father it’s not always easy going against the mother, but I felt confident knowing I had Heather with me going into the court room. I won custody of my daughter thanks to all Heathers hard work.During the 2 year process Heather answered all my questions in a timely manner and made sure I understood everything. Once it was time for court Heather did in amazing job making sure we were getting my points across. Heather is a shark in the court room and I would rather have her on my side the against me. I would recommend Heather to anyone I know." -Dustin, March, 2020

***Disclaimer: Past results are not a guarantee of the results in future matters, and the outcome of a particular case or matter cannot be predicated upon a lawyer's past results. We do not make any guarantee as the outcome of a particular matter depends on the merits of each individual case.

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